Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome to my blog for Kingdom of Spirits

Well, most of you are probably wondering... what is this?
Kingdom of Spirits is my only novel which doesn't have anything to do with my series. It's currently about 50% written and set in Vancouver (sweet eh?) as well as a mysterious fantasy world of spirits where much of the story takes place. Here's the cover blurb from deviantART:

Living in Vancouver, Canada, Jane is on the brink of graduating high school and has an almost perfectly ordinary life - except for her bizarre father she calls Attila that is. Her father's weirder than weird - he runs around with a sword, in decidedly odd clothing for a modern and very rich business man - robes. When Jane meets Phirun, a strange, nice foreign guy whose name means 'rain,' she doesn't expect this meeting to turn her life upside down. Because apparently, the right to choose isn`t something Attila particularly wishes her to have... A prince who isn't very gallant... A different world of mythical creatures... ...and one very stupid alliance that only Jane can break off.
Kingdom of Spirits is set for release after my novel Ashes of Hope and I will be attempting to publish it without Booksurge (which will be the publisher of AOH.) Right now several chapters have been uploaded to deviantART, so check them out here: Kingdom of Spirits on dA.

The name is subject to revision of course. Thanks for reading!